RTIV 5.7

RTIV - converts image data scanned into a PC image file
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Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.

The Reliable Throughput Image Viewer (RTIV) is an image capture application that converts image data scanned by a high-speed Panasonic scanner into a PC image file. RTIV lets you efficiently create high-quality image files that maximize the scanner's functions with simple PC operation.

Automatic Binary/Color Distinction detects when a set of documents contains some color sheets and some monochrome (B/W) sheets. You can feed these together without sorting, and the machine will automatically compress the data efficiently according to whether a sheet is color or monochrome (B/W), so the electronic file size is minimized. This is a feature typically found only on high-end scanners.

Double Exposure automatically scans then saves two-sided documents into a single-page file. It is highly effective for documents printed on both sides, such as checks, stock certificates, post cards, and business cards.

The MultistreamTM function enables a single scan to be saved as two separate formats simultaneously. For example the document will be saved in monochrome (B/W) for OCR and archival purposes, and saved as a full color image for short term on-screen retrieval

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